Digital Transformation

Someone is going to disrupt your industry. Let’s make that person YOU!

Technology is moving at such a relentless pace that it presents business leaders with a set of new challenges. Let us help you turn those challenges into opportunities and transform your company into a prominent leader and the game changer in your industry.

Interested in Virtual Reality for your event?

Enter Arena VR: our very own virtual reality hardware service. Choose from a wide selection of virtual reality devices available for purchase or rental, for your events and projects.

The Dawn of IOT Technology

Convergence of interconnectivity
and mobility

At Nexasoft, we are constantly at the forefront of IoT, Mobile, Web, Big Data & Cloud technologies to make sure the creative solutions we are offering are relevant and well suited for future game changers and upcoming industry leaders.

Reach New Levels of Audience

Our gamification service can attract and retain the attention of your customers and employees by creating fun, interactive exchanges of value, increasing loyalty and encouraging specific behaviors, including the willing provision of ‘earned’ data.

About Nexasoft

Nexasoft Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s leading IT Service Provider with solid track record in providing In-house software and mobile app development services to various GLCs, private sectors and IHLs. The company also specializes in Gamification, IoT, VR/AR Simulations and Digital Marketing services. 

With a team of more than 30 years of cumulative experience in diverse IT skill set, driven with professional mindset, we are set to attain our vision to become the next most prominent IT leader in Asia by 2030.

Our Services

Virtual Reality

We offer full Virtual Reality development services for a myriad of applications including real estate, education, gaming, and more.

Augmented Reality

We offer full VR/AR development services for a myriad of applications including real estate, education, gaming, and more.


With a decade of experience in games, we develop custom video games and gamification services for our clients on PC, iOS, and Android.

Web System Development

Our robust and secure web solutions can help to enhance and boost the efficiency of your business procedures. Whether you are a start-up or an established company with creative concepts in mind!

Mobile Apps

We believe that the future is in simplicity, and we aim to simplify and enrich our clients’ lives with our elegant mobile app solutions.

Our Vision

Make Significant Impact on People’s life through technology, creativity, and innovation



"Nexasoft Sdn. Bhd. is an innovative company whom is very committed to serve its customers in developing new technology in meeting the customer demand."

— Mr. Khairil, Technology Transfer Office, Universiti Teknologi Petronas

"The Nexasoft team is highly cooperative and great at giving brilliant ideas. They work professionally and their commitment is remarkable."

— Dr. Azizah, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

"VR has helped me to visualize my 3D designs in an immersive way. Not only does it help with my work, but I can enjoy many immersive VR games."

— Adnin Farahim Abdullah, VR Engineer, Integrasi Erat Sdn Bhd
(On Nexasoft as a VR Provider)

"Fantastic service and cutting edge tech. Nexasoft has helped us alot in our past event."

— Akid, Event Organiser, Red Archer Sdn Bhd

"Working with Nexasoft team is definitely the right decision for us. They knew exactly how to deliver impressive work on time. Would love to work with them again in our next project!"

— Faiz, Manager, Hud Hud Media

“The educational content developed by Nexasoft is easy to comprehend and extremely helpful in classroom lessons.”

— Sulaiman Mazlan, Teacher

“Nexasoft has proved to be responsive and engaging in providing creative and technical solutions. Their services are strongly recommended.”

— Mr. K.V. Soon, Director of International Digital Transformation Programme

“A website is one of the most important tools for our business in this era. Nexasoft was able to cater to our specific needs without issue. I love the new look of our website now!”

— Mrs. Zafirah Wahid, Quality Assurance & Store Manager, Selia-Tek

"Edubite rated as the most downloaded, highest rated and most frequently used. We are so happy! Keep the quality up ya Nexasoft! Well done Hezri & Team👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"

— En. Syamizam Shahudin, TM Edubite App Owner

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