Top Mobile Application Development Trends in 2018 and Beyond

Smartphone currently leading the top for basic needs in our daily lives. People might lose their mind if their smartphone gone missing. The inseparable relationship between technologies and living things become a part of our daily routine. Waking up by phone alarm, doing research where to go, where to buy using mobile apps on smartphone, watching youtubes, checking social medias, just on your fingertips!

Every year, you might see the trends of mobile application keep on changing. Such as, UI/UX interface, from the old design which is too crowded with too many words and box, changed to the minimalist design which is more to minimal looking mobile app.

How about this year? New colors of 2018, hoping for more interesting looking app!

VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)

If you’re aware of advance technology trends, then Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are nothing new to you. This advance technologies have been introduced to the world and have been revolutionary in gaming and entertainment industry.

VR rapidly growth with their advanced devices. However, AR application development also massively grown especially games application.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The advanced technolgy of AI for recent few years have turned the table of user experiences in favor of mobility. The speech recognition, Siri by Apple is the best example for that kind of technologies.

Few years back, we were dependent much on Big Data and analytics to catch customer insights. However, with the existing of AI and machine learning, the technologies have provided innovative ways to dig customer insights in different ways and as well as real-time.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT, is basically the implementation of mobile and hardware embedding technologies to connect the devices in meaningful ways. The dependencies of IoT applications on mobile devices and mobile application are great! The use of mobile application is to control the IoT enabled smart devices or machines.

Mobile Apps Transaction

Nowadays, people widely doing an online transaction, buying things, pay bills and other stuff via mobile applications usually use debit/credit cards or net banking to make these payments.

The introduction of Google Wallet, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are the examples of m-commerce and this practice have resulted in more customers shifting slowly to this kind of payment.

Wearable Apps

If you own an android or iOS wearable devices, or any other connected devices, these altogether have created new technology market. These devices can provide standalone features but on the other hand, they still need support from mobile. People nowadays prefer wearable devices to be synchronized with their mobile phones for easier access to data.

There are so many other trends happened to be these days, but listed are the top trends for now. I’ve did some researched, and what I found, these top 5 are the most trends that appears on every website that talked about the these topics. So by conclusion, these trends are the most focused on by the mobile apps developers this year.

Source: Digital Doughnut, Value Coders, Cleverism, new gen apps