Our signature solution called “The Roadmap to a Successful VR Training” is a map of plans that gives our client a clear start to finish view – to solve their frustrations then achieve their desires with Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. Thus, this roadmap will give them confidence that we can make their goal happen. It graphically depicts how we will deliver predictable and proven results for them. Thus, we whittle it down to 3 levels and 9 steps of tactics and strategies.

How Do We Apply the Signature Solution?

We have articulated what our client’s biggest frustration and desire are. They are facing extra time consumption and hassle from the conventional training. Thus, their desire is to adopt VR in their training in order to produce highly skilled workers. Then, by following the 9 steps we will get them to their desire. The 9 steps consist of Study the Concept, Identify Structure, Storyboarding, Identify Framework, Content Creation, Program Simulation, Prototype Testing, Improvise, and Package.

Why do we apply a Signature Solution?

  • It acts as a visual map to achieve client’s goal or desire
  • It is a proven process to success
  • It helps our team speak the same language
  • To clearly clarifies and conveys what we can do for the clients

We believe that this Signature Solution will help to create a world-class visual representation of unique blueprint, solutions or processes to take our clients away from their frustration and take them to their desire. Further information about our 9 Steps Signature Solution will be shared in the next article. So, stay tuned!