Petronas Hazard Hunt

A VR oil rig hazard
training exercise

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

The Client

This virtual reality experience was developed for Petronas Berhad,
a leading Malaysian oil & gas company founded in 1974. Petronas
continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation and technology.

The Project

Train A Keen Eye

Due to the risks involved in the oil & gas industry, Petronas employees are expected to remain
vigilant for work hazards and risks. Hazard Hunt
aims to train users to recognise such situations
and educates them on the consequences of carelessness on the rig.

Precision and Speed

In an actual emergency situation, employees must react quickly in order to take control of the situation and prevent a disaster. With Leaderboards, Hazard Hunt pushes users to compete with each other in precision and speed..

Explore and Immerse Yourself

We recreated an actual model of a Petronas platform in full 3D, optimised for virtual reality. Experience what it’s like being on an oil rig, and explore at your will, complete with positional tracking and teleportation locomotion for an immersive and comfortable experience.