VR Broadband Installation

Learn about the steps for high-speed broadband installation in a home / office environment

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

The Client

The client is a Malaysian telecommunications and Internet Service Provider that offers a comprehensive suite of communication services and solutions in fixed (telephony and broadband), mobility, content, wifi and smart services.

The App

Learn the tools of the trade

Users are able to familiarise themselves with the network equipment used in the installation of high-speed broadband, as well as the steps involved in setting them up. It aims to simplify the coaching process for new technical staff.

In-depth details

Even beyond the initial setup of the network, the interactive walkthrough also demonstrates and explains how the network functions with visual representations of the devices and systems involved in the process.

Learn on-site

High-quality mobile-optimised VR graphics immerse users in a virtual household, simulating a real-world broadband installation scenario at a customer’s house. Nevertheless, the process is taught for both home and office installation cases, as well as for both landed and high-rise buildings.

Easy visual guidance

From start to finish, on-screen visual cues help highlight and emphasize key aspects of installation, ensuring future technicians know what to look out for.