Fibre Optic Splicing VR Demo

An in-depth VR demonstration of
fibre optic splicing techniques

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

The Client

The client is a Malaysian telecommunications and Internet Service Provider that offers a comprehensive suite of communication services and solutions in fixed (telephony and broadband), mobility, content, wifi and smart services.

The App

Explore the process of fibre splicing

Learn about the process of fibre optic splicing in virtual reality! Complete with voice narration and 3D demonstrations of the entire process. 

Test your knowledge

Practice your knowledge of the splicing proccess by selecting the correct tools in the right order to complete the job, and gain additional tips and useful tidbits of information to help you learn.

Immersive and highly detailed

The demo places users in a first-person perspective of a technician performing the splicing process in a lab, featuring highly detailed 3D models of the splicing equipment that are accurate to their real-world counterparts.