Security Device Reporting

Easily report faults and anomalies with security devices and co-ordinate with maintenance staff to rectify issue swiftly

IoT Solution | Mobile

The Client

WOW Tech Sdn Bhd is a sale and service provider on security and telecommunication equipment, and other accessories. They also undertake various sub-contract.


The app is a bridge between security equipment providers and their clients, providing a quick and easy way to facilitate, report, communicate and arranging equipment maintenance.

The App

Quick Response Time

ELVSS delivers notifications directly to the security equipment providers’ mobile device(s), allowing them to quickly read reports and respond as soon as possible.

Security Fault Report made easy

Through this app, WOW Tech Sdn Bhd now able to receive reports on any security faults and immediately respond to it. Clients are now capable to create new reports and provide necessary information for maintenance and troubleshooting right within this app.

Lightweight and Accessible

ELVSS runs smoothly on any mobile devices and designed from ground up to be user-friendly. Whether to send out reports or assigning engineers for repairs, it is now surely a painless and swift task.