D.U.K.E.: Zombie Breakout

A ground-breaking full-body controller-free VR experience.

Game Development | Virtual Reality


D.U.K.E.: Zombie Breakout is our very own in-house virtual reality game project that aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. D.U.K.E. takes advantage of a unique fusion of motion-sensing and gesture sensing input technologies for a full-body, truly controller-free VR game.

The App

A Compelling World

Set in the distant future when humans have succeeded in grasping time travel technology, D.U.K.E. thrusts players into a dark world threatened by a vile force of otherworldly creatures. A sinister organization has set these creatures free across time and space to desecrate the universe. Your mission: Prevent the zombie scourge from spreading, and find out the true intentions behind the malevolent organization.

Full-Body Control

D.U.K.E. takes advantage of motion-sensing and gesture-sensing technology, allowing you to take full control of your in-game avatar. Shoot and slice your opponents with your own hands, and walk with your own legs. Live the game.

Built for Immersion. Set for Action.

D.U.K.E. features three action-packed levels filled with hordes of zombies. As a Dimension Keeper, you must eliminate the zombie threat and close any open time-portals to put a stop to the invasion by any means necessary. Engage the enemy with a wide-range of time manipulation tools and a substantial arsenal of weapons.