Halal Logistics Organizer

An all-inclusive mobile application for both drivers and distributors to arrange transportation of halal food products.


The Client

TransGlobal Industries is a transportation provider specializing in the delivery of halal raw food products. Being new to the industry, TransGlobal aims to leverage the power of crowdsourcing to form an inexpensive and conveniant approach to logistics for food products.


Halal Logistic Transporting is a service that offers Halal-guaranteed shipment delivery with pre-checked Halal status for both products and vehicles.

The App

Simplified Hiring

As a supplier, hiring a driver to ship goods has never been easier. Bookings are placed by setting Pick-Up and Drop-Off points for the shipment, then declaring the goods to be delivered

Two Users, One App

Halal Logistics Transporting was designed from the ground up for both types of users in mind – drivers and suppliers. Using the same app, suppliers can hire drivers for their shipments, and drivers can view and manage their shipping jobs.

Full Admin Control

Drivers need to be registered, screened and monitored by TransGlobal Industries. For that, we designed a web-based admin management panel allowing the client to monitor and manage drivers and jobs.