As many businesses have to face the crisis due to covid-19 Pandemic, Virtual Reality (VR) technology promises to make users to an entirely altenative space and time. Thus as an expert in providing VR solution, we want to accomplish our company’s vision – To make a significant positive impact on 1 Billion people’s life through technolog, creativity, and innovation, with “NexaSPACE”!

Ever imagined attending a conference event in the 3D world? With the tagline : “NexaSPACE –  Virtual Meeting Redefined”, you will be brought to the next generation of conference and exhibition events. It will be a mix of VR , AR, Gamification, and 5G Technology. Within the immersive 3D world, everyone is free to roam and interact with one another just like in the real world.

These are how NexaSPACE will definitely make virtual conference works:-

1. Organize Virtual Conference – an event host can have their own virtual conference with such easy steps to setup the virtual space and inviting important speakers and audiences.

2. Customize Avatar – users can use a digital version of their own customized avatar in the 3D meeting.

3. Meet in a 3D environment – users can feel other participants being there with them. Talk or chat to share ideas, share 3D objects and environments.

4. Interactive Virtual Booths – just like in real conference or exhibition events, one can view available virtual booths by the exhibitors & sponsors. Users can browse through loads of information presented in booths and able to interact with representatives directly.

5. Virtual Private Meetings – users can simply invite the particular exhibitor or sponsors to their private meeting room or vice versa for a more private discussion.

There are many more that can be explored in a virtual conference event through NexaSPACE’s platform. Some experts claim that recent advances have made VR the superior technology for conferences and meetings, so forget video conferencing – host your own meeting or events in VR. Taking place entirely online, the event featured all of the content planned as it would have been displayed at the conference itself.
Feel free to contact us find out more. Nevertheless, we will keep posting new exciting stuff soon!

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