What is Mixed Reality? Do you know Mixed Reality about?

Mixed Reality additionally referred know as MR, MX and also Hybrid Reality. It  can interact and overlay the users environment in real-time. That is why glasses or Mixed Reality headset is needed. Among Mixed Reality headset, a well known Mixed Reality glasses are including Microsoft Hololens and Nreal Light. But, certain Mixed Reality headset has been developed but still not available in marketplace such as Lightfield Avegant. The figures below shown about Microsoft Hololens, Nreal Light and Lightfield Avegant.

Microsoft Hololens were made by Microsoft in the United State. It is suitable for Manufacturing, Retail, Health-care and also Education. The holographic computer in the headset allow increased productivity and 3D design. Ease to use because it has voice support and it can accurately map and interact with users. It adjustable to balance the headset’s weight.

Nreal Light is Mixed Reality glasses were made by Nreal in China. It looks like regular spectacles that can be worn easily. It provide controller (3Dof) which is haptic feedback. The field of view glasses is 53 degree wider than most Mixed Reality headset on market. It is light with only 85 grams allowing for prolonged use.

There are various functions were developed today and for future also. Field that uses Mixed Reality are Manufacturing, Health-care, Retail, Entertainment, Education and also Real Estate. Manufacturing field use Mixed Reality for product design, product maintenance, quality inspection and also 3D model visualization. Next, health-care use it for 3D operation room with simulation and virtual organ model for surgeries. For Retail, it is used for visual design mix and match, moving around in real-time using Hololens and it also allow clients choose their own design. Education is one of the field that use a lot of mixed reality. It is can interact with environment in an immersive experience. It can be applied to any kind of subject because it allow users to touch and manipulate the object. In Real-estate field, they use it for property used. For instance, Mixed reality can immersive 360 virtual walk through of the property under development and the customer also can decide the furniture for their own designs.

Each object created will have its own benefits. Among them are unlimited mobility using Hololens which is users can use the Mixed Reality headset across mobile devices, personal computer, laptop and so on. Next, Mixed Reality technology allowed users to have movement and remain productive while attending other task. As usual, Mixed Reality give more impact on the enterprise Market such as it can attract customer to choose design for their own property when having 360 virtual walk through. The most important is can reduce time and also cost. For an example, the government can reduce the cost by providing Mixed Reality equipment at Medical Institution to train them surgeries rather than using real doctors.

For the conclusion, Mixed Reality represent new and digitally experience. Because it is still early in the maturity of Mixed Reality devices, it will become strong and finding those experiences will give leading enterprises distinct advantages.