What is Mixed Reality? Do you know Mixed Reality about? Mixed Reality additionally referred know as MR, MX and also Hybrid Reality. It  can interact and overlay the users environment in real-time. That is why glasses or Mixed Reality headset is needed. Among Mixed...

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Roadmap to a Successful VR Training/Simulation

Our signature solution called “The Roadmap to a Successful VR Training'' is a map of plans that gives our client a clear start to finish view - to solve their frustrations then achieve their desires with Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. Thus, this roadmap will give...

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NexaSPACE – Your Future Conference / Exhibition Events

As many businesses have to face the crisis due to covid-19 Pandemic, Virtual Reality (VR) technology promises to make users to an entirely altenative space and time. Thus as an expert in providing VR solution, we want to accomplish our company's vision - To make a...

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Announcement: Brand Name Change

PETALING JAYA: Nexasoft Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the brand name changes of ArenaVR to NexaSPACE, a pivotal move which is essential for the continuous business growth.ArenaVR is a brand we initiated to ride the wave of Virtual Reality technology back in 2015. At...

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Nexasoft’s first debut in international market

Nexasoft’s IT and Multimedia services were engaged by Fiji’s very own Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism for the development of their web portal, BizFiji. The portal is intended to help usher in thousands of Fijian citizens who are interested in starting or...

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Web design trends for 2019

While sans, with its clean readability, is still the go-to for longer bouts of website copy, more and more brands are turning towards bold serifs in other aspects of their designs such as headers and callouts. There’s a good reason for this: serifs were designed to be...

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Helpful Apps For Keeping Your Mental Health In Check

In this day and age, there are so many things that could contribute to worsening mental health among the general public. Jobs, money, living situations, family -- the list is endless. At times, it can be overwhelming for some, and may lead to problems such as stress,...

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Industries Making the Most Out of IoT

In recent years, the growth of the Internet of Things has grown so prevalent that it has become more and more integrated into our daily lives, and continues to do so even at this very moment. It has become so widespread that even large industries are implementing the...

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Humanoid Robot Now Capable of Parkour In this world of ever-evolving technology, there are now robots capable of doing human activities as rigorous as parkour—skilfully, too. Atlas is a robot primarily developed by Boston Dynamics, with funding and oversight...

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Roadmap to a successful VR Training/Simulation

NEXASPACE Your Future Conference / Exhibition Events

ANNOUNCEMENT Brand Name Change




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