The Industry 4.0 Implementation & Adoption Workshop took place recently, organised by Visitas Sdn Bhd. Taking place at Persada Plus Subang, the objective of the workshop is to help participants (SME, industries) to come out with a strategic plan on how they can adopt all these new technology and approach to improve their organization’s efficiency and how they can actually solve their pain points + help to monitor and meet their KPIs. it is not an awareness (high level) and neither it is on the how-to (technical) level. 

The workshop was held in two parts, the first part happening in the first half of July while the second part took place in the latter half. Both parts spanned two days each, with each day having different speakers giving talks to the participants. Nexasoft CEO Hezri Amir was invited on the panel as a speaker for both parts of the workshop, talking about IT aspects in IoT, or the Internet of Things. Some of the highlights from the talks included Data Management & Storage, Digital Dashboard Technology, and the topic of Web-based vs Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps. The primary objective of the collaboration was to enlighten the participants concerning IT in IOT. At the same time, hands-on exercises were also carried out in the form of development of mobile applications in order to ensure the participants understand what is involved in the topics discussed, and also to make things more exciting during the activity.

Overall, it was a successful and meaningful event that managed to reach its objectives well. It was pleasant to see the collaborative nature from participants in working as a team to solve their current issues and coming up with interesting new ideas to propel their company to the next level.

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