In this world of ever-evolving technology, there are now robots capable of doing human activities as rigorous as parkour—skilfully, too. Atlas is a robot primarily developed by Boston Dynamics, with funding and oversight from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Standing at 1.8 meters, the robot was designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks, and was unveiled to the public on July 11, 2013.

Over the years, Atlas has undergone many upgrades and training to do various tasks such as picking up loads and even backflips. Recently, it was revealed that the robot is now capable of doing parkour, much like a human would be able to. According to Boston Dynamics, Atlas’ software uses all parts of the body to generate the necessary force to propel the robot up the platforms. It uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately.

With this technology, it is now possible for robots to do much more than they could decades ago. While the possibility of these technological advancements backfiring and instead harming us still exists, it is undeniable that this a huge step forward for technology and even humanity itself.