In the September 30 issue of Sunday Star, Nexasoft CEO Hezri Amir was featured in an article about technopreneurs in Malaysia. In the article, he was interviewed about how the company Nexasoft came to be, and the ups and downs went through to get to where he is today. He also talked about entrepreneurship in general and gave advice based on his experiences, saying that “There is no right or wrong thing in entrepreneurship… you have to experiment and experience it yourself.”

To quote the article, Hezri Amir left this tip for budding entrepreneurs: “If you have an idea, go for it. Give yourself 7 to 10 years, build on your capabilities, whether it’s network or skills… if you’re fresh out of university and you’re experiencing failure as an entrepreneur take heart that you’re not even 30 years old so you have time on your side.”

Check out the article in the Sunday Star!

Source: Sunday Star