PERAK: The internet of things, or some coined it as the internet of everything, is believed to be a big step towards a better world. A more fulfilling world. It’s affecting everything from manufacturing, to education, to finance and healthcare, and every aspect of life. Nexasoft Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Mohd Hezri Amir told Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS students.

Sharing some IOT concept and ideas to the UTP students and staff as part of the Technotalk programme, Hezri revealed that there are 19 Trillion dollars worth of economic benefit for the whole world, and it is definitely a huge fortune for active industry players.

“Predictions are, up to 50 Billion more things will be connected in the next couple of years. Just think of the possibilities with that amount of connectivity, with that amount of collaboration happening around this plane, what can it have as a positive impact?

“However, the trend doesn’t come without any concerns and risk, and there are issues like privacy, security, standardization and centralization that we need to address carefully. It is up to us, the whole population of the world to mold the evolution of technology towards positive and wholistic impact” he told a packed hall of UTP lecturers and students today.

During the session, Hezri Amir also pointed out that in the near future where robots, AI and computers took over majority of the jobs in the world, they should always explore other opportunities especially in the field of Creativity, Innovation & Humanity.

“We cannot replace Creativity, Innovation & Humanity but we’ll need to create new things, to improve them, and to build interpersonal relationships. We invent, we build, we optimise, we operate, we innovate, and we remember to enjoy sometimes, before we invent again. Iot is just the beginning of a new era.” he added



Source: Facebook