PETALING JAYA: Nexasoft Sdn Bhd is proud to announce the brand name changes of ArenaVR to NexaSPACE, a pivotal move which is essential for the continuous business growth.

ArenaVR is a brand we initiated to ride the wave of Virtual Reality technology back in 2015. At that time, Facebook announcement to acquire Oculus sparked a whole new Virtual Reality industry. A lot of companies were founded to provide Virtual Reality services especially on the software and hardware part. We take a bold move to position our company as one of the pioneer of VR in Malaysia. Later on, we managed to secure a grant from MDEC, Malaysian Government Agency to spearhead the Virtual Reality innovation in Malaysia.

To date, ArenaVR have provided VR services to various clients and we supply our VR equipments in the form of sales & rental to at least 20 events across Malaysia. However, due to Covid19 outbreak, we have seen a decline in our sales as events can no longer be organized at least for 6 to 12 months down the road. In order to address the situation, we have pivot our business and come up with a new improved solutions, which we proudly called: 

NexaSPACE, or in short just “SPACE”, is the SPACE where the next-generation meeting, events, and online training will take place. It will be a mix of VR, AR, XR, Gamification & 5G Technology! We believe its gonna be a solution for the current situation, and the “New Normal” in a couple of years to come.

Given that the nature of our new solutions is to include not just VR but also Augmented Reality (AR) and also Extended Reality (XR), we believe to keep the brand as ArenaVR can be misleading. Currently, NexaSPACE is still in the prototype stage, but the good adage suggest that branding & marketing effort should be initiatied in day ONE of product development, we believe it is essential to get the brand right in the first place, thus the reason for the brand name change.

NexaSPACE is currently looking for potential:

1) Partners/Collaborators
2) Early Investors
3) Friendly Testers

…and anyone interested to share ideas…

Feel free to contact us find out more. Nevertheless, we will keep posting new exciting stuff soon!

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