Check out! Here is the 10 best productivity apps in 2018!



Using the ‘board’ system, it is a web-based project management made by Fog Creek Software. Trello is famous among freelancers and multi-employee organizations as it allow us to create tasks and move them along a workflow as you complete them. Its rich API enables integration with cloud-based integration services.



Founded in 2010, Grovo provides companies with a software-as-a-service learning platform. It provide over forty-five hundred video assessment and lessons that cover multiple topics for the companies. They can also choose to upload their own content to ensure their employee learn what they intended.



It is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables us to manage projects and track contacts, communications, sales, and documents in a single platform. Insightly provides real-time information through their task dashboard and opportunity reports.



Droptask is a great task-management software for visually oriented people. It uses a mind-mapping style to show how tasks interact with each other. The mind-map also allows you to put a small task inside bigger project to show their relationships. With this, Droptask provides a visual and fluid way to organize your tasks and projects. These can help you plan your day efficiently



Slack is a messaging app that brings all your communication in one place. Offering a real-time messaging, you can have all your team communication in one place. It offers fully native apps for iOS and Android which give you full functionality wherever you go plus with another feature that allow your laptop to know what you read on your phone and automatically mark it as read.



One of the most popular project management software, Asana uniquely capable to combine project management and collaboration tasks which eventually streamlines even the most complex workflows in the largest team. By using Asana, it eliminates the need to use email and third-party apps for corporate communication which proves to be more organized.



HabitHub is a powerful app that can be used to track habits, accomplish your goals and finally rewire yourself. It allow you check out your progress and gain reward by completing the healthy habits that you have set for yourself. HabitHub surely capable to change you into a better person.



Designed for taking notes, Evernote are also one of the famous notebook-like application that enable you to capture, organize, and share your notes everywhere. Its simplicity and charming interface are what make it popular among the users.



Dropbox is file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Capable of instantly accessing your own file from any kind of platform, Dropbox are one of the chosen productivity apps as it is simple to use and full of features


Google Drive

Google Drive, one of the most used productivity apps, it is famous for its ability in online storage service that provides a word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet program, which creating a nice alternative to Microsoft Office.